Emotional Vampires: DP



Thanks to HubPages for this image.


They hover, bat-like cloaks outstretched;

Sharpened fangs trained upon

Victim’s vibrating jugular;

Crouching in a sniper’s nest of need

Pale and cadaverous souls

Coffined during the bright hours

Squinting and fading in daylight;

They await the darkness within

To strike from mind’s distance,

To deplete another’s vitality,

To drain redness from cheeks,

Hope and confidence from lives,

Energy from all they encounter.

No precious fluid can sustain;

No sucking can fulfill;

They are empty vessels,

Multiple holes causing leaks.


Avoid! Defend! Eschew!

Cram crevices with garlic paste!

Sharpen stake! Anoint with oils!

Barricade the door! Lock the windows!

Renew this year’s subscription to

Psychic Defence!

Beware! Flee! Hide!

Bite back!

Wrestle them casketward

And raze with fire!


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